University of Kansas Biodiversity lab gets needed enabling a more collaborative research environment

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute unveiled the two-year $3.5 million modernization of the laboratories in Dyche Hall on the Lawrence campus.

The renovation was funded through federal, state and private funds and brings much needed upgrades to the computer bandwidth, as well as a liquid nitrogen cryogenic facility to preserve the institute's collection of tissue samples.

The cryogenic facility offers the lab more stability because if there is a disaster that would cut power to the building, the new tanks can keep the frozen tissue viable longer than the old ‘chest-type' freezers they had been using. 

Many research facilities along the eastern seaboard lost tissue samples after Superstorm Sandy.

The lab now enables faculty and students easier collaborative research efforts. 

Ph.D. student Sarah Gibson is excited about the larger work areas. 

"I can work here on extinct fish," Gibson said. "I can compare them to modern fish right next to me versus having to go to different floors of the museum and hunt down different specimens and equipment."

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