Facebook did nothing wrong in 2012 study that manipulated user's emotions

Facebook conducted a study that toyed with some user’s emotions, and it was allowed to do so. 

In the 2012 study, Facebook manipulated the newsfeeds of 689,000 users. Researchers found showing either happy stories or sad stories caused an increase in the user posting happy or sad updates.

Users actually agreed to all of this when they sign up for Facebook.

Anything you share can be used for “trouble shooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement,” according to Facebook’s Terms of Service.

The users’ newsfeeds that were manipulated total less than 0.5 perfect of the total Facebook userbase.

Even with a small amount of users affected, Facebook users were not been happy. Facebook data scientist Adam Kramer posted on his Facebook page to give a public explanation for the study. 

The study was conducted by researchers from Cornell and the University of California. All identifying information about users was removed from the research before analysis and publication.

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