Former KCK officer will spend year in federal prison

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A man formerly entrusted to serve search warrants for the Kansas City Kansas Police Department will spend a year in federal prison for stealing items from houses where his team served search warrants.

Darrell M. Forrest, 32, will spend 12 months and one day in prison followed by a year of supervised release. He pleaded guilty to violating federal law last January.

Forrest was a member of the KCKPD's Selective Crime Occurrence Reduction Enforcement Unit or SCORE Unit. The unit was a special weapons and tactics unit responsible for serving search warrants.

KCK Police received tips about the behavior and called in the FBI to help investigate.

In January of 2011, the two law enforcement agencies conducted a sting operation where they called the SCORE Unit to a home they were monitoring. Investigators placed cash, video games and other valuables in the home before the unit arrived.

Forrest admitted to stealing $300 in cash, two video games, and an iPod Touch. He also admitted to stealing a digital camcorder from another residence in KCK on July 7, 2010.

Two other officers still face sentencing. Jeffrey M. Bell, 34, will receive his sentence July 3. Dustin Sillings,34, will receive his on July 5.

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