Beam treatment targets cancerous tumors, lessens side effects

Sometimes, the treatments for cancer can be as bad as the disease.

But things are changing, thanks to technology like the True Beam Linear Accelerator.

It targets high amounts of radiation specifically on the tumor with minimal or no side effects to surrounding organs.

Daran Wankum gets the laser treatment at the University of Kansas Hospital. He's confident the treatments will help him beat the disease.

"Makes me feel pretty good knowing technology has advanced as far as it has.  I feel pretty confident that it will kill what's left if anything is left," Wankum said.

His oncologist, Dr. Parvesh Kumar, says the laser treats more than just brain cancer patients.

"This true beam linear accelerator allows us to treat all kinds of cancers on all types of patients. That's one of the other advantages of this technology that it's very effective and it can be used on everyone," Kumar said.

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