Boy lives active life after three open-heart surgeries

Kansas City, Mo - A Kansas City mother calls it the worst day of her life.

During Jamie Bolen's 20-week ultrasound, doctors revealed her son had an under developed heart on the left side, a congenital heart defect known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome. It basically means he was born with half a heart. The heart should have two pumping chambers, Bryce just had one.

There was no time to cuddle Bryce. Immediately after the birth, doctors rushed him to Children's Mercy Hospital, where he underwent his first open-heart surgery.

Bryce endured two more open-heart surgeries by the time he was in kindergarten. Each time, doctors had to reconstruct his heart. Bryce also went through a tough six-month period, when fluid was building up around his heart. Despite the odds, he survived. His parents credit the wonderful doctors and nurses.

Today, Bryce is in second grade. He is an active, healthy kid, who loves to play sports. He enjoys dirt biking at his grandparents house. He also loves playing baseball and football. 

As for mom, Jamie is a little more relaxed these days. After watching the nurses and doctors take care of her son, they inspired her to make nursing her life's work. She went back to school for a short time to get her nursing degree. She works as an RN at Children's Mercy.

Bryce has come a long way. While his biggest challenges are behind him, he still has regular check-ups with the Cardiology team at Children's Mercy Hospital.

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