Doctors see patients with heat-related illnesses

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Temperatures Thursday and Friday were dangerously hot. Doctors in the emergency room at the University of Kansas Hospital treated at least five patients suffering from heat related illnesses over the last two days.

Diane Jabara, RN said they had a range of patients, including elderly patients and those who worked outdoors.

"We had someone who was exercising and just over did it. They were not used to the heat wave we got all of a sudden," Jabara said.

Jabara said hydration is key.

"When we get hot, we sweat. And we lose all of our water. When we lose our ability to sweat, we lose our ability to cool ourselves. It's so humid that our sweat is not evaporating like it normally would, so we're not cooling like we normally would. That's why we're seeing so many people who have heat related injuries," she said.

Doctors say its important to balance hydration. Don't drink water or sports drinks exclusively. Doctors recommend one or two bottles of water for every sports drink.



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