P90-X video workout lands KCK man in the hospital

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - There's a new warning for sedentary people doing high-intensity workouts -- you could end up hospitalized if you don't prepare.

Matt Barnes of Kansas City, Kan., ended up in the hospital after pushing himself too hard during a P90-X video workout.

"I did it two years ago and I had great results, no problems," he said. But that wasn't the case this time.

Over the last year, Barnes was not exercising like he wanted to, so he decided to try P90-X again. Barnes said he pushed himself so hard because he was anxious to get in shape and look good. 

After two days of doing the workouts, he ended up in the hospital with kidney problems.

"After the first day my muscles were sore, but I expected that," Barnes explained. But he did not expect what happened next.

"It was a Tuesday morning, and I woke up as usual and went to the bathroom," he said. "My urine was brown."

Dr. Hussain Haideri, a Kidney Specialist at Heartland Primary Care in Kansas City, Kan., said Barnes had a rare condition that was causing his muscles to deteriorate.

"You're overexerting yourself, you're not hydrating yourself enough, you take on too much, too soon, and then your muscles fatigue and start to break up on you," Haideri said.

Barnes was admitted to the hospital and his kidneys were flushed. He's doing fine now. 

"I can still workout; I'm just taking it slowly," he said.

Haideri explained that video exercise programs or gym workouts are not bad.  He said it's the people who haven't worked out regularly who have to be careful to start slowly.

"Don't be in a hurry because in rare cases it could cause muscle breakdown, which could lead to kidney failure if it's not caught in time," Haideri cautioned.

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