Kansas City Health Deparment facing shortfall of flu vaccine

KANSAS CITY - The Kansas City Health Department is facing a shortfall of flu vaccine but says there is still plenty available at other places.

The department has less than 100 flu shots for adults and expects the nasal spray for kids to be completely gone by early next week spokesperson Jeff Hershberger said. Hershberger said the shortfall is not too alarming.

"It's not a concern right now," Hershberger said. "There is still vaccine available, but people will just need to look for it."

Hershberger said people may not find the vaccine at the first place they look, but he encourages them to keep looking. He suggests checking with doctor's offices, retail stores like Walgreens or CVS and area health departments.

He said a preliminary study showed the vaccine has been 62 percent effective, and people who have received the vaccine and have still gotten sick are experiencing lighter symptoms.

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