Kansas City Health Department suspends tuberculosis testing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some forms of testing for tuberculosis were suspended at Kansas City's Health Department beginning Monday afternoon.

The department has cut back on skin testing because of a national shortage of tuberculin, an extract of tuberculosis used in identifying the disease in animals and humans.

Skin testing will continue for anyone who might have been exposed to tuberculosis.

The change will mostly impact people trying to get hired in health care and those who work with children and college students

"There's been an increased demand for the test. There are a lot more people whose jobs require the testing now and because of the higher demand, the supply hasn't caught up yet," Jeff Hershberger with the Kansas City Health Department said.

The health department receives dozens of requests for the tests each week.

There is another blood test you can take, but it costs $100.

The skin test, which is now suspended, was only $20.

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