KCK teenager on his journey to lose weight offers tips to success

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Nathan Del Rio is making progress in his effort to lose weight. The 13-year-old teenager from Kansas City, Kan., joined the PHIT Kids program at Children's Mercy Hospital three months ago when he decided to lose weight.

Since then, he has lost almost 13 pounds.

The PHIT Kids Weight Management Program at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics (CMH) is nationally recognized for addressing childhood obesity. PHIT Kids evening group provides specialized education to help families of obese youth 9 to18 years old successfully adopt and maintain active, healthy lifestyles.

The program requires the entire family to participate in the program.  Nathan and his family attend weekly exercise, nutrition and weight-loss behavior classes.

"I've learned to eat more fruits and vegetables and I actually like them," Nathan said. "Fruit salad is my favorite."

Nathan's mother Sandra Del Rio said the family is making small changes in what they eat.

"I put three vegetables on the table every night for dinner and we all have to try at least two," she said. "It's working because I'm not saying no more of this or that; I'm just providing new options so the transition to healthier eating is easier.”

The Del Rio family was at a nutrition class at HyVee in Kansas in March.  They went on a guided tour of the store with other PHIT Kids families as a HyVee dietitian explained healthy choices throughout the store.

To find out more about the PHIT Kids program visit their website here.

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