Little boy's health hinges on government shutdown

ROELAND PARK, Kan. - Three-year-old Bo Macan has a very rare auto-immune disease

"He gets all of these infections that you and I can get over, like ear infections, coughs, runny noses," his mother Carolyn said, "He had pneumonia 10 times last year."

Two weeks ago, a doctor told the family a blood test would determine if Bo could have a lifesaving bone marrow transplant. The National Institues of Health is the only place that could do the test.

"When I found out NIH was closed, I was like, ‘What? How can that be?'"

Carolyn posted her story on Facebook and state Senator Jerry Moran stepped in to help.

Monday, Bo got his blood drawn at Children's Mercy and it was shipped to NIH, but now time is his enemy.

"Is it going to get processed and is it going to get processed in time?" Carolyn wondered.

41 Action News talked to a spokesperson at NIH Monday night. He expected to receive the blood earlier that day, but hasn't yet.

Every moment it's delayed means another day of danger for Bo.

"Whether I'm a democrat or a republican, I don't care, all I know is that what they're doing is wrong and selfish and irresponsible," Carolyn said. "They need to make a decision and get on with it."

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