Local skateboarder helping raise awareness about concussion prevention

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 10-year-old skateboarder from Greenwood, Mo., is helping spread awareness about helmet safety.

Evan Doherty, also known as "Big E" in the skating world, has quite a resume.

He's competed in 14 different states and completed 47 elite competitions. He is the youngest kid in the world to land a 720.
He did that when he was 8.

He's been doing some pretty amazing stuff on his skateboard, but now we can say the same about what he's doing off his skateboard.

Evan is partnering with the University of Kansas Hospital to help launch a concussion awareness campaign in an effort to help prevent other kids from getting hurt.

"My parents put a helmet on me the first time I skated, and I've worn one ever since," said Doherty, who has never experienced a concussion. "It would feel weird to skate without one."
For more information, and to take the pledge with Evan to always wear a helmet, visit www.kumed.com/BigSafety.

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