Nearly a million women suffer from postpartum depression each year

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - During a nail-biting chase from the White House to the Capitol, 34-year-old Miriam Casey of Stamford, Conn., was killed by police.

Sources said she had a dental hygiene license that expired Thursday, but her motive is still unknown. Now Casey's family says she started suffering from postpartum depression after having her daughter last year.

Experts say nearly a million women a year suffer from post-partum depression. While it affects them all differently, it often strikes women who were otherwise feeling file.

Doctor Jeremy Burd with St. Lukes Neuroscience Institute said Casey's behavior is not typical behavior from a depressed person, but warns that it is still serious.

"Professional women are especially prone to postpartum depression because they are used to having some control over their schedules and suddenly that's gone and that can happen 2 months later, that can happen 6 months later," Burd said.

He said postpartum depression can last even up to two years after having a baby.

Some signs to watch for are not eating, not sleeping or even seeing a person walk and talk slower than usual.

To find out more about the signs of postpartum depression, visit the MayoClinic's website here:

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