New health and wellness education center opens in Prairie Village

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - Tuesday, a new health and wellness education center opens in Prairie Village.

The Live Blue Center is in the Prairie Village Shopping Center and is open to everyone, not just Blue Cross Blue Shield members.

Inside, community members can take free fitness classes, watch cooking demonstrations and get fitness advice.

"We have something for everyone here. We have classes around moms and their toddlers, classes for seniors, high intensity exercise classes, Pilates, all kinds of things to connect people," explained Jason Spacek, Director of consumerism and retail marketing at Blue Cross Blue Shield KC.

Want to try zumba but not sure it's right for you? You can take a trial class at Live Blue.
Need a nutritious idea for dinner? Yep, you can get that there too.

Need help understanding the new Affordable Care Act reform? They'll have experts at Live Blue who can help.

"The biggest thing for people concerning their health is where do I start? That's what Live Blue is all about, helping people get that start. There is so much out there to get figured out and this will help them get started on a plan to improve their health and wellness", Spacek added.

Live Blue opened a similar location in the Northland at Zona Rosa last month, and it is becoming very popular, according to employees.

The goal of Live Blue is to help people find a path to health and wellness free of charge.

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