Problems continue with Affordable Care Act website enrollment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One week after enrollment started, paper applications for some are the only way they can apply.

With no computer access at home, that's fine with Linda Frias. The diabetic has been out of work for two years.After getting her questions answered at Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center, she took home her paper application.

While waiting times are getting better, counselor Karimah Baptiste at Swope Health Services says she hasn't been able to help anyone enroll online because the site hasn't worked for her.

She gets up every morning and tries the site to no avail. She got error messages trying to show us her account.

Some other folks have had better luck, but everyone we talk to agrees they were shocked when they had to resort to paper applications.

"I was surprised," Baptiste said. "I thought after a few days, at least at the end of the first week, they would have hired enough engineers to be able to fix the website to be able to accommodate the large mass of people wanting to enroll but that hasn't happened."

Charles Baughman did get through to create an account on HealthCare.Gov  Thursday.

"That's no reason to stop it just because there are some bugs," Baughman said.

Now he just hopes he qualifies for coverage.

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