Question & answer: Three things to know about weight loss

When it comes to diet and weight loss, there is a lot of information out there -- everything from old wives' tales to modern-day blogs on the internet.

We are looking at some popular diet myths, and separating fact from fiction by answering three important questions. 

For any weight loss journey, there are a few rules of the road. 

Registered dietitian Marisa Moore says it's important to know the difference between good directions and those that are not.  Here are some questions clients often ask Moore.

Do carbs make you fat?

That depends on how much you eat.

The truth is if you overeat on carbohydrate, protein or fat, you can gain weight.

Limit your pasta to no more than about a half a cup to a cup at a time and focus on whole grain options.

What about fat itself?  Does fat… make you fat?

Not all fats are created equal. Some sources of good, or healthy, fats include nuts, avocados, olive oil and peanut oil. So eat fats like these because "having a modest amount of fat in the diet can actually help you to feel full a little faster, so you eat less," Moore said.

But eating saturated fat such as you find in some desserts, fried food or fatty meats can lead to weight gain so try to limit these.

Can I maintain my weight loss without working out?

It's a myth that you can keep the weight off without exercise.

Exercise is an essential part of weight management and living a healthy life

So lace up and get moving!