Researchers report findings on recent bed bug resurgence

If you're traveling this summer, you may not be alone.

Summertime is high season for bed bugs.

Health experts say complaints and infestations are up across the country.

Whether its a luxury hotel, the workplace or even your home, the bugs aren't afraid to dig in.

Bed bugs are also good travelers, able to hitch a ride in luggage and on clothing.

Experts say there were more than 12,000 complaints of bed bugs nationwide last year, a jump in large part, due to an increase in tourism worldwide.

New York City, a top travel destination, is the leading indicator of the growing infestation.

Bed bugs have been found in hotels, apartments and office buildings.

Health concerns over the use of pesticides like DDT and the creepy, crawly creatures' ability to adapt are just a few reasons they are back in droves.

"We haven't gotten control or found a great way to control bed bugs, nobody has found the silver bullet," said Cornell University's Jody Gangloff-Kauffman.

Steam heat, 122 degrees, is the best way to kill bed bugs.

In the past few years products aimed at keeping them at bay have become popular, and are available in many stores.

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