"Superglue baby" recovering well after surgery

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Just two months after her surgery, the so-called "superglue baby" is doing just fine.

Baby Ashlyn was admitted to the University of Kansas hospital with a brain aneurysm at just three weeks old.

There were no tools small enough to operate on the vessel in her brain, so doctors used superglue to seal the bleed. Surprisingly, it did the trick.

Ashlyn's mother says she is doing very well, but still has regular check-ups.

"She regularly sees a neurologist and a neurosurgeon from Children's Mercy and she will have an MRI in September just to verify that the aneurism is gone," she said.

The superglue used in the baby's surgery is very similar to that bought at the store. Although it is slightly modified so it cannot irritate and cause inflammation.

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