Tips on how to fall asleep faster & sleep better

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - What does a crying baby, a noise outside your bedroom window and drinking coffee at 4:00 p.m. have in common? They're all reasons you might struggle to fall asleep at night.

But if your insomnia remains a mystery, here are a few lifestyle changes you can start today to help you sleep better at night.

Change the temperature of your bedroom. It might be too cold or too hot. Doctors say the optimal temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 67 degrees.

Wear socks. Studies suggest warm feet will help you drift off to dreamland.

Eat a lighter dinner. Studies also show a big steak dinner can keep you awake at night, especially if you eat too late. Your body isn't meant to be working that hard to digest food while it's sleeping.

Don't sleep too late. Don't try to overcompensate for your lack of sleep during the week by sleeping in late on the weekends. Adjusting your wakeup time throws off your biological clock.

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