Two apps help people find up-to-date information about the flu

A new Facebook app may help you track down who is spreading the flu.

"Help, I have the Flu," lets Facebook users play detective by finding out who may be spreading influenza based on their status updates. The new app scans the social network for words like "flu" "sneezing" and "coughing," and looking at places those people might have checked in.

The app from Help Remedies also examines when people post to Facebook and takes many late-night status updates as a sign that the friend isn't sleeping enough and, thus, would be more susceptible to catching and spreading the virus.

If you find an ill friend, the app allows you to notify them that they infected you or have the potential to infect others.

To download the app and see which of your friends are to blame, go to

The CDC has also released an app to track the flu. The CDC app "FluView" allows users to track influenza-like illness over the course of flu season.

"Fluview" also allows users to get on demand access to state health department information on flu activity in each state.

To download the app for the iPhone, visit

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