Home Entry Rugs – a luxury for buyers & your first line of defense when selling your home

A rug for the entry into your home?!?!? What does this have to do with selling your house?

I am all about getting sellers the most money for their house. Making the buying experience more pleasant for a buyer can really add to your bottom line. By placing a simple rug in your entryway, you can provide the buyer a small luxury in their showing experience: a place to wipe their feet when they enter, or stand while they take their shoes off. It's such a kind gesture by a seller, and always much appreciated by agents and buyers.

No seriously… when there is not a rug to wipe your, sometimes dirty, shoes on it is awkward. Straight up uncomfortable for a buyer and agent. I've stood in entryways with buyers discussing what we should do. Should we find some paper towels to clean up our mess? Do we have dirt on our shoes, or are they ok? This really is not the way to start a viewing of your home. So much better to just have an entry rug.

That rug also protects your home's flooring!! Consider this scenario… you receive 3 requests from buyers to view your home today. It is raining, not just a little, but a complete downpour. These buyers will be entering your home with wet and possibly muddy shoes. Unless you want a mess when you get home, and one more thing to clean up after, you should make sure you have a rug for buyers to wipe their feet on. ? No one likes muddy puddles on your hardwood floors. It can do more than just cosmetic damage!

Back to the buyer experience side of things- it is important for the rug inside the front door to be a good size. I find that it is always nice when more than one person can enter out of the elements and stand on a rug to remove shoes. A material that will absorb water is good to consider as well.

Do not forget the other exterior doors in your home. Will buyers be going through the sliding glass door in the kitchen to access your beautiful patio and backyard? Checking out your garage and basement? These rugs can be smaller, but are important as buyers are known to walk around the backyard collecting grass clippings and such.

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