Kansas City family watches Hurricane Arthur while on vacation in North Carolina

Typically, families who spend hundreds of dollars renting a house and booking flights for a family reunion vacation would be distraught if a hurricane forced them to evacuate. But Sara Brown's family seized the moment and enjoyed Mother Nature's fury when Hurricane Arthur hit over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

"I come from a family of nine children and we enjoy vacationing together," said Sarah Brown, a Kansas City resident.

This year, the family planned a vacation at Cape Hatteras, an island in North Carolina. They had no idea they would be in the direct path of Hurricane Arthur.

"We discovered the night before it hit that we would have to evacuate by nightfall the next day; but I come from a long line of adventurous people and we were in no hurry to leave," said Brown.

So the next day they woke up and went to the beach to feel the power of the wind and watch the waves whip around.

"It was great fun; we went right up to the edge of the water and leaned into the wind. We could actually feel  the powerful rip tide under our feet as the water hit the shore and flowed back into the ocean," Brown explained.

She said they were never in danger of being pulled into the water; they were just close enough to absorb the moment and then they packed and left the island.

"While we were there, a national photographer from USA Today snapped a picture of our family embracing Mother Nature's power, and the next thing we know ,our family's adventure was in USA today," she said excitedly.

Brown's husband, Isaac, was working in Kansas City, so he didn't get to attend the Hurricane Arthur family vacation.

"I wasn't there this time, but I hope to be at the next family vacation and I'll be right in there with the rest of the family ready to face Mother Nature's fury," Isaac Brown said.

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