Kids have surprising answers to what they would do if they were president

What would you do if you were president of the United States?

Third graders at Red Bridge Elementary in Kansas City, Mo., had some surprising answers.

When Becky Stalter asked her students to write a paper about what they'd do as commander-in-chief, she expected answers like "turn everything in my house into candy" or "give everyone a puppy". Instead, the kids dreamed up some very adult ideas.

"I would help people with Medicare when they need it. I can't just see people suffer like that," wrote Danielle Wabo. She explained she didn't really understand what Medicare was but remembered hearing about it in an attack ad on TV.

"It sounded really important," she elaborated.

Kennedi Durant said she would give money to Children's Mercy Hospital, "to help people with cancer."

Kayley Holden's response surprised her teacher the most. She wrote: "If I were president I would lower taxes because sometimes taxes are really high."

Stalter, who's taught third grade for 20 years, was impressed.

"There's no way I knew about taxes in third grade, nor did I care, but these kids are really invested in it," she said. "It's just amazing."

Stalter said in all those years, she's never seen kids get this wrapped up in politics.

The students' excitement gave Principal Tyler Shannon an idea: Why not let the kids choose a president?

On Tuesday, grades one through five will vote in an anonymous school election. Shannon will tally the results and announce a winner.

"This really is a unique opportunity that our country provides our citizens, and they need to embrace that and be actively involved," Shannon explained.

He said he hopes when the students turn 18, they'll remember just how special they felt making such an important decision.

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