A $1 Southmoreland home never sells, faces controversy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A $1 house in a historic Kansas City neighborhood near the Nelson Art Museum never sold, so now it faces a bleak future.

Its owner, the Kansas City Art Institute, plans to demolition the old stone home this week.

That is causing some controversy.

The institute has owned the 1901 Donaldson Home in the historic Southmoreland Neighborhood since the 1960s.
The school put it up for sale for $1 with a catch; the new owner would have to move the crumbling home to make way for student housing.
A KCAI spokeswoman said there were only two people interested, but, in the end, they decided the move would be too expensive.

A lot of residents in the upscale neighborhood have fought for it to be preserved.

Historic preservationists said it should be protected in order to protect one of the few historic urban areas left in Kansas City.
But other families, who have seen many of the old homes come down, said they are ready for demolition.

"The development, the evolution, the noise, I guess you call it progress," Steve Vawter, who lives in a nearby home, said.

The demolition will take about two weeks.

The Art Institute plans to salvage the home's distinctive stone-framed porch and its front door for future student housing.

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