10-year-old boy honored after saving uncle by calling 911

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - An Independence 4th grader was dubbed "9-1-1 Hero" Friday in front of his peers at Three Trails Elementary School.

In August, 10-year-old Deante Gorman saved his uncle's life.

His mother had left Deante and his 2-year-old brother at home with the boys' uncle. Not long after she left, Deante's 22-year-old uncle had a seizure. After a brief moment of panic, Deante picked up the phone and dialed 911.

In an audio recording released Friday, Deante is heard telling dispatcher Lisa Cummings, "My uncle is knocked out. He's on the floor and I don't think he's conscious."

The 10-year-old told Cummings his address, his mother's cell phone number and even followed instructions to check his uncle to see if he was breathing and could talk. Throughout the five minute conversation, Deante remained calm.

Deante said in an interview Friday that although he's young, he's always prepared for what life throws at him.

Deante's mother, Keisha Knox, trained him about the importance of 911, and Deante says in those terrifying moments he was ready.

"I knew what to do. My uncle started having medical problems, and at first my brother and I panicked, but then I grabbed the phone and called 911. The operator walked me through what I needed to do," he recounted.

Deante said his uncle means the world to him. He announced, "I wanted to make sure my uncle can do big exciting things in the future and be around for us."

Deante was honored by the Mid-America Regional Council and Independence Police officers Friday.

When asked about the recognition, Deante said, "My family is proud of me. They're really proud of me, and today I'm proud of myself too."

The 9-1-1 Hero Award recognizes children who demonstrate knowledge of the proper use of 911 by performing heroic actions during an emergency.

"Emergencies like this can happen at any time," said Keith Faddis, director of MARC's Public Safety Communications program, which manages the regional 911 system. "It's important for parents to make sure their children know how and when to use 911. Fortunately, Deante's mother, Keisha Knox, had taught him about using 911 to call for help."

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