10-year old gas station shooting victim recovers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The 10-year old boy, Ka’Vyea Tyson, wounded in at a gas station shooting that killed his father is recovering well.

A worship service and fundraiser is planned for Friday at the Eternal Life Church & Family Life Center at 31st and Troost.

The 10-year-old could barely speak a few weeks ago but now he's busy entertaining himself on his phone.

"He has great spirits, to me he's back to himself," his aunt Ky Martin said

Doctors at Children's Mercy tell Tyson’s family the boy's recovery is on the upswing. His lungs are healing nicely and he has some tingling in his feet. 

Although some physical wounds bring Tyson to a dark place in his life

"He told the nurse ‘I don't want to see that so she made a sock to go over it and I get it, that wound reminds him," his uncle T. Darnell Tyson said, as the boy described his hand wound.

Tyson was wounded as a gunman shot and killed his father, Ka'Vyea Curry, at a gas station in April.

"We can't change that; we can at least be here for Ka'Vyea. We can make sure that he knows that 'We love you, we're here for you,’" Martin said.

On Friday night, Tyson via Skype will be at a worship service in his honor.

"We have to keep this story fresh in the minds of people so this foolishness can stop it has to stop this senseless violence has to stop and we as a community have to come together and do our part," his uncle said.

The event begins at 7 p.m. Friday.

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