2 friends, 2 sets of twins, 1 rare diagnosis

BASEHOR, Kan. - Two friends. Two sets of twins. One rare diagnosis.

Karla Holton and Jessica Fouts have been friends for more than 10 years. They are both moms to identical twins.

They also both had babies born with Craniosynostosis.

It's a birth defect that causes one or more sutures on a baby's head to close too early.

“If it's not corrected in time, it can lead to developmental delays and seizures, vision issues and all type of stuff so it was very crucial that it be done before they turn one,” Holton said.

Jessica lives in Tonganoxie with her 4-year-old twin girls.

Her daughter Lilly was diagnosed at 4 months old.

“Even though I'm a nurse, I had never heard of that diagnosis and I knew something wasn't right but that wasn't what I was expecting,” Fouts said.

It affects one in every 2,000 babies. So Jessica was surprised when Karla's boys Blake and Lance looked similar to Lilly.

“Even it being a touchy subject I knew as a friend it was something I need to approach her about and that's when I encouraged her to go to the doctor,” Fouts said.

“It was just so weird for someone that we knew so well to have the same experience,” Holton said, “but it was also very helpful.”

Blake and Lance underwent brain surgery with Lilly’s doctor.

Now the twin boys are happy and healthy.

“They don't have any type of restrictions and the surgeon said they're perfectly normal boys now, nothing special,” Holton said.

KanCare however denied coverage for the boys' surgery so Karla and her husband are paying $80,000 out-of-pocket.

But because of Jessica and community support, they're getting by.

Friends and family started fundraisers to help pay for Blake and Lance’s surgeries.

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