$3 million spent on Jackson County election

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The election in Jackson County proved to be a costly one, but the Translational Medical Research Tax was the only question on the ballot.  If passed it would raise the sales tax a half percent.

The actual special election cost around $800,000.

Proponents and opponents of this issue have raised more than $2 million for things like advertising and ‘get out and vote' campaigns.

Each side of the issue said this is an important matter that deserves this kind of money spent on it.

The 20-year tax would raise $800 million for three area hospitals but a proposal to raise the sales tax in Jackson County is nothing new.

"Renovating the zoo, animals and a forever tax there's no sunset. Stadiums for billionaire sports owners so it really wasn't a stretch to say hey let's look at it for this," Political Consultant Steve Glorioso said.

The turnout was only project to be 10 to 15 percent which means with the entire election and money raised, each vote cost about $70.

But both sides think it's worth it.

"We're extremely confident despite the weather, despite the misinformation out there that Jackson County voters are unwilling to gamble 800 million dollars in taxpayer money," Marcus Leach, Spokesperson for Citizens for Responsible Research said.

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