#41Potholepatrol: Help us report potholes that are popping up across the metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the snow and ice melts, drivers are already seeing several potholes left behind.

Potholes form when temperatures rise above, then drop below freezing. Moisture from winter rain and snow seeps into the cracks and joints of the roadway.

When the temperatures drop, that water freezes and expands the pavement, causing it to crack and bulge. As cars and trucks drive over those cracks, chunks of pavement pop out, and potholes are formed.

The Overland Park Public Works Department had three crews out on Friday looking for and filling potholes.  Street Maintenance Supervisor, Brian Hutchison said they have not received any reports of potholes, but the are being proactive to fix potholes before they become a problem for drivers.

"They can do a damage to cars, so we want to be proactive," Hutchison added.

Now that you know how it's caused, we want you to tell us where it's happening. 41 Action News will help monitor potholes in the city so you know where they are.

If you see a pothole, let us know. Tweet us and picture and the location using #41potholepatrol to help us help metro drivers avoid costly car repairs.

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