71 Highway is about to have a name change

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Get used to knowing one of Kansas City's main thoroughfares by another name.

Starting Wednesday, 71 Highway becomes Interstate 49 as part of a massive project to build a new interstate that stretches from New Orleans, through Arkansas and up to Kansas City.

It will link up with Interstate 435, then Interstate 29 to Canada.
The top leader in Grandview said the change will positively affect his city. Mayor Steve Dennis knows when drivers enter a destination into the GPS, it will try to guide drivers along interstates.
He said that could lead to more traffic.

Business owners in Grandview agree that the change can only lead to good things.

"A lot of folks want to be along an interstate, because the road is maintained and traffic counts are good incentives for businesses to be in that part of your city," Dennis explained.

But there are a couple of problems: Grandview and other smaller towns, like Belton and Raymore, have been taken off of all the directional signs.

Dennis said he hopes to work out something with MoDOT to include those towns on the new interstate's traffic signs.

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