Eight Kansas City fountains in desperate need of repairs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The City of Fountains Foundation is working to raise money to restore eight Kansas City fountains that may shut-off for good if not repaired.

Foundation Board Member Pat O'Neill said some of the city's 48 fountains are between 50 and 100 years old.  Some have rusted pipes and cracking walls.

Last year, the foundation started a fundraising campaign called "Wish upon a Fountain." So far it is halfway to it's goal of raising $2.5 million.

Part of the money raised paid for renovations at the Eagle Scout Memorial Fountain. Crews repaired the fountain's lights, plumbing, mechanics, walls and landscaping.

Similar renovations are needed at the The Spirit of Freedom Fountain at Cleaver II Boulevard and Cleveland Street. Decades of wear and tear require a new central waterline, electrical and lighting upgrades, replacement of the iron supports beneath the central sculpture, waterproofing, rebuilding of the plumbing/mechanical vault and cleaning and waxing of the central sculpture. The estimated cost is $135,000.

The Westside Fountain at Southwest Boulevard and Summit Street needs immediate work, including replacing all tiles, mortar and lights. The estimated cost is $250,000.

Six other fountains are on the foundation's "endangered species list" and could be shut-down if repairs aren't made in the next few years. They include:

  • Seville Light Fountain
  • Seahorse Fountain
  • William Volker Fountain
  • JC Nichols Fountain
  • Haff Fountain
  • Children's Fountain

Those interested in making a contribution can visit www.kcfountain.com.

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