FCC proposal could cost companies and consumers more for Internet services

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You could soon end up paying more to binge watch your favorite show on a video streaming service like Netflix or if you are a small business your website might not load as fast as a big company's site.

A proposed ruling by the Federal Communications Commission could drive up the price we all pay for Internet because it would change the net neutrality rules.

Net neutrality refers to making sure all traffic that hits the Internet is treated the same, according to John Leeks with NetStandard.

Leek is the Chief Technology Officer at NetStandard , which provides its services to small businesses.

"Being able to throw up a website, start a small business, offer your services over the Internet and compete against the large players out there, like Amazon or eBay," he said.

The FCC proposal would allow your Internet service provider to charge companies more for faster delivery of their services to your device.

"A small company may not be able to afford that fee to gain the advantages where someone like a Google or Amazon or eBay may pay a lot of money to not just have their site advertised, but for their traffic to gain priority over others,"  he said.

Aaron Wendel, with Wholesale Internet , explains the lack of net neutrality could reflect back on that website you are trying to look at or the video streaming service you are trying to use.

"It could be devastating to the startups," said Wendel. "If that were to happen the average consumer probably wouldn't even notice that it was their provider doing it they would think oh it's the website is slow or that website it slow, but this website is fast."
So if companies have to pay more, that means you'll end up paying as well. The FCC will discuss the proposal at its next meeting on May 15.

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