Facebook photo leads to family reunion

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Leanna Launer is finally meeting her biological family.  The  29-year-old and was born in Port Folk, La., and was brought to Kansas City where she was adopted when she was a year old.  After eight years of searching for her biological parents, Launer's dream came true.

Launer told us after her story aired on Tuesday on 41 Action News, she received a post from a man named Ron. He said he was married to her mom for 10 years.  A quick check with her adoption case workers and Leanna is convinced that Ron is who he claims to be.

"He told me that my mother's name was Lucinda Ellen Armstrong and that everyone called her Ellen," Launer said.

He also broke the news to her that Lucinda died almost four years ago from Melanoma.  Ron and her mother had another child, Jessica, who is Launer's half-sister.  Jessica is 16 years old.

"Of course we're going to get DNA testing; but I'm sure in my heart I'm sure," Launer said.

Ron has since remarried but shared a picture of his former wife with Launer.  It was the first time she had ever seen a picture of her mother and she was overcome with emotions and cried.

"It's intense to know that this is my mother, this is where my life started, this is who I am," she said.

Ron, Jessica, Leanna and both of their families planned  to meet for the first time Thursday night in Independence, Mo.

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