KC group launches petition to stop illegal dumping, preserve Kessler Park on Cliff Drive

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Board of Cliff Drive Corridor Management Committee is asking for signatures on a petition drive to permanently close the gates to Cliff Drive. 

"The gates are usually closed on weekends and that's when the neighborhood comes alive and people are able to come in on foot to walk, hike and enjoy the Kessler Park," said Brett Shoffner, executive director of the board.

Kessler Park is named after George Kessler, the man who designed the Kansas City Parks and boulevard system.

"During  weekdays the gates are open and we get construction companies illegally dumping trash and tires in Kessler Park to avoid fees at city dump sites," he explained.

A week ago, the National Youth Conference cleaned up Kessler Park, collecting more than 3,000 bags of trash and 2,700 tires.

"We want to keep the park beautiful and discourage illegal activity; we believe closing the gates permanently would help us do that," Shoffner added.

The petition drive will end Aug. 31 and the signatures will be presented to the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Board. The KC Parks and Recreation Board will decide if the four gates on Cliff Drive should remain open or be permanently closed. 

If you're interested in finding out more about the petition drive, visit https://www.change.org/petitions/city-of-kansas-city-missouri-permanently-close-the-gates-on-cliff-drive-in-kessler-park.


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