Kansas City man wants more ADA training for Arrowhead workers after concert

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City man wants workers at Arrowhead Stadium to have more training when it comes to people with disabilities.

Melvin Smith surprised his girlfriend with premium club level tickets to last weekend's Kenny Chesney Concert. Before going, Smith called and found out the best gate for them to enter when they arrived with his service dog, Skyler. When they arrived Smith, says a gate attendant seemed confused.

"How are they going to get up the stairs? Like we can't hear," Smith described the conversation.

Once they got to their section, a manager Smith spoke with upset the couple.

"'You have a dog ... We'd like you to come down in the handicapped section where we park the wheel chairs,'" Smith described what the manager said. "'Where you are sitting you can't really have a dog. People can't get by you. If the dog bites somebody, we're going to have to ask you to leave the stadium."

Smith believes the manager didn't understand the Americans With Disabilities Act.

"He was even saying 'You're not allowed to sit down there.' I said under the ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act, I can sit anywhere the public sits.

"Made me feel like a second class citizen."

The couple did end up sitting in the seats for which they paid. After the concert, Smith called the director of customer relations, who apologized for the experience.

"She didn't know what happened, because her staff has been well-trained in ADA and how to take care of customers with disabilities," Smith said.

An Arrowhead spokesperson said they take complaints seriously, and they address every single one. They did offer the couple a private tour of the stadium.

But the experience the couple had with Arrowhead staff wasn't all bad. A concession stand staff member took care of the couple.

"She volunteered to come down the stairs two or three times to get our food -- see if we needed any drinks," Smith said.

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