Louisburg teen barrel racing champion, still makes time for school

CLEVELAND, Mo. - Kylar Terlip is only 13 and she spends most of her weekends barrel racing around the country. You would think she was born on a horse.

"Usually I compete against everyone. They'll be people who are like 70 and then they'll be people who are like six," Terlip said.

Her parents travel with her as she competes two to three weekends a month all over the country.

"I just remember when she was a baby, she just loved horses from little books to first words," Karin Nielsen, Kylar's mother, said.

Since 2010 Kylar's banked more than $70,000.

"I'm amazed that she is as good as she is. I'm very proud of her," her mother said.

Not even school gets in the way. Her parents credit the support from her teachers who allow her to take time off from school to compete.

"It's always been a requirement of her dad and I that she really maintains her grades and understands that always has to be a priority," Nielsen said.

You can watch some of her competitions on YouTube:




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