Accessible house finished for local disabled advocate

Many features make independent living possible

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - While this economy makes the sale of any house an occasion to celebrate, that wasn’t all that brought dignitaries to a home in the northland.

"There are many reasons to celebrate the completion of this beautiful new home. It's a dream come true for the new owner Lorie Perdieu and no one could be more deserving," said City Councilwoman Deb Hermann.

Not everybody has a City Councilmember show up on their doorstep and say nice things about them as they're about to move in. But Lorie Perdieu isn't just anybody.

"Lorie beat the odds to make her way in the world. Yes, despite the physical challenges she faces every day she devotes her life to helping other disabled people," Hermann said.

Perdieu's an advocate for disabled people and she's always dreamed of a house that would be accessible enough that she could live independently.

"I'm going to have so many opportunities to do things on my own that I’ve not been able to do. It's so spacious I can get my chair around every room," Perdieu said.

Northland Neighborhoods Inc. helped coordinate the many volunteers that helped turn this vacant lot into an accessible home.

"You'll notice the doors are a little wider," Perdieu pointed out as she drove her motorized wheelchair on a tour of the place.

The outlets are higher and the light switches are lower. The kitchen counter will have a cutout to allow her to drive her chair right up to the sink.

The donated money and work totaled more than $20,000 dollars. She accepted the help with one condition.

"I actually insisted on this being the first one of many," Perdieu said.

True to form, Perdieu plans to use her new purchase to help other people with disabilities.

"Really letting them know that your dreams can come true, that you really can own your own home," Perdieu said.

It’s a dream home that may help others achieve their dream.

Perdieu says she's looking forward to doing her own dishes and laundry, now that they'll all be on the same level.

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