Accused Jewish Campus shooter dying of lung disease

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The man accused of killing three people in the Jewish Campus shootings is now deathly ill, according to a friend of his in North Dakota.

Craig Cobb spoke with KSHB today over the phone. He's a white supremacist who said he knows Frazier Glenn Cross and calls him a friend.

Cobb said he spoke with the accused killer, Cross, one day before the deadly April shootings at the Jewish Community Center and the Jewish retirement community.

"We are going to work together for many years aren't we, Craig, and I was startled because I know he's dying," Cobb said.

Frazier Glenn Cross, also known as Glenn Miller, looked frail and was in a wheel chair during his first court appearance. He is being kept under medical supervision at the Johnson County Jail. 

Cobb said he knows Cross has a lung disease commonly called COPD and said they used to talk about it often.

"They were smokers in those days. He has to have Albuterol, I believe, every three hours," Cobb said.

Cobb told 41 Action News although he believes Miller needs the medicine, he also believes Cross is being denied the doses he should have.

"He's supposed to get it every three hours, and the black doctor said no more than five hours, absolutely no more, and he underscored that."

Cobb is a convicted felon, and the two are not allowed to speak anymore.  

The Johnson County Jail told 41 Action News that they are not at liberty to discuss an inmate's medical condition.

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