Active shooter training for KCK police and employees

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Active shooter training for the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department: It's intense. The scenarios include bad guys with bombs, police with guns and hostages.

All 366 member of the KCK Police Department will be ambushed with unknown threats while trying to stop an active killer as part of their training. 

Rance Quinn is a captain with the KCK Police Department.

"This is geared to be as realistic as possible, to have the officers feel the adrenaline, to feel how it is to think in real life scenarios," Quinn shared.

There are life-like scenarios that force officers to put their own lives on the line. Through the training they are reminded of their priority of life scale, which puts the life of an innocent civilian above theirs.

"The oath of office that we took, is that we are willing to risk our life to save a civilian," Rance said.

Rance is also training civilians that work for the Unified Government on what to do in an active shooter situation.  All 1,700 employees are asked to participate in a training class that teaches them to avoid, deny and defend.

"We want them to avoid the confrontation, run if they have to. Deny access to harm by hiding, and defend.  If need be they have to be ready to whatever it takes to save their own lives," Rance shared.

The active shooter training for employees of the Unified Government continues until Friday, May 30th.


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