After long election season, voters get more daring

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The close presidential election is making some voters go to extreme measures to support their candidate.
Several battleground states are polling almost 50-50 in the race for the White House. Political scientists said the nail-biter is making voters on both sides of party lines take unprecedented action.
Scott Perkins said he never put political signs in his yard before this election. He first did it six weeks ago -- but then he said they kept disappearing.

He put them up again on Sunday, and set up a hidden camera to find out what was going on. The camera caught someone taking the signs out of his backyard.

"I just wanted to know who it was, and why," Perkins explained.

He said the man who took his signs lives in his Overland Park, Kan., neighborhood. When confronted by Perkins, the man told him it was illegal for him to post them on public property.

Police said it's unclear whether the portion of Perkins' backyard where the signs were posted is public or private property.

The man caught on tape had no comment.
Perkins said he was still happy he expressed his opinion -- and the hidden camera seemed to do the trick.

"I put (the signs) up again this morning," Perkins said, "and they were still there."

An Overland Park city ordinance prohibits political signs or signs of any nature to be posted on public property.

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