Ambulance called after fights on school bus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One student was injured during a series of fights on a school bus in Kansas City, Mo.

Police say an ambulance was called to treat the injured boy, who was punched several times by a girl on the Hickman Mills School District bus. There were allegedly two fights on the bus, which eventually pulled over at 107th and Longview.

The bus was carrying students from Smith-Hale Middle School. They were transferred over to another bus.

According to the Hickman Mills School District, the boy and the girl first got into a fight at school. The fight broke out again after the boy said something to the girl on the bus, who then punched him several times. The boy suffered minor injuries.

Seventh grader Jacquette Roddy said she saw the fight happen.

"Police came on board and grabbed the girl," Jacquette said. "But she refused, so (the officer) had to drag her off."

Lacole Lane's son was on board the school bus during the fights. She said this is the fourth fight between students she's heard of since Friday.

She hopes the district takes action immediately.

"My message to the district is they need to get their stuff together," Lane said. "They need to tighten up. Everybody needs to come together and do what they need to do to get them where they need to be."

The district plans on investigating the fight. There's been no word on what punishment - if any - the children involved in the incident may face.

The principal will be reminding students of the middle school's zero-tolerance policy on fighting first thing Wednesday morning. Any parents who still have concerns are asked to call the district directly at 816- 316-7000.

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