Animal control officials continue to remove cats hoarded in Northland apartment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Animal control officers could only rescue one more cat from a Northland residence that housed dozens of felines until this week.

More than 60 cats were removed on Monday . One of them was already dead and an incident report shows another kitten didn't survive the night. Yet another had to be put down. Some of the cats appeared to be pregnant as well.

City officials said the woman renting the two apartments reported the cats to police herself to ask for help and is now getting counseling. She also faces six citations including five counts of animal cruelty.

Officials believe there may still be cats inside, but conditions are so poor, the cats are difficult to find.

Cat waste created ammonia levels twice as high as federal regulations allow, so firefighters were needed to help ventilate the two apartments before officers could go in and search for more cats. An incident report revealed officers felt burning on their faces in previous searches.

Neighbors could be seen covering their noses and mouths as the odor intensified. Several admitted they had smelled something in the weeks before, but had no idea how serious the situation was.

Officials said they will return to look for more cats at some point and it is still to early to know the fare of the building the cats had occupied.

The cats seized were taken to the KC Pet Project for treatment and possible adoption.

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