Animal cruelty suspected in deaths of 5 dogs found in the Northland

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A hidden camera may have caught the person who dumped the bodies of several dogs in the Northland.

Animal control officers removed five dead dogs from a wooded area near Interstate 35 and Vivion Road Wednesday night. Someone wrapped the dogs in plastic bags and left them near the side of the road.

Some teenagers stumbled upon the scene two weeks before and alerted the city. Wednesday was the first time the city located the bodies. The teens also noticed a camouflaged camera.

41 Action News found out the city planted that camera at the site. The city uses hidden cameras in areas known for illegal dumping. They’re hopeful they caught an image or license plate of the person who did the dumping.

It also may be part of larger animal abuse.

“There are some signs that indicate there may have been animal cruelty involved. That is still under investigation. The dogs were all pit bulls or pit bull mixes so that is still part of the investigation,” explained Chris Hernandez, Spokesperson for the City of Kansas City.

If caught, this person could face charges of animal cruelty and illegal dumping.

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