Area agencies practice for mass casualty incidents

BONNER SPRINGS, Kan. - From the Kansas Highway Patrol to the Bonner Springs Public Works Department, in times of mass causalities, dozens of agencies are part of the response plan.

The last time the Bonner Springs area saw an incident like Wednesday's bus accident was back in February of 2010, when there was a 50-car pile up at the Interstate 70, Bonner Springs interchange. Dozens of people were injured after icy road conditions caused the massive pile up. No fatalities were reported.

When it comes to incidents like these, agencies are always preparing well in advance.

"What we practice is the coordination: Learning what you need and how to get it where you need it in a fashion that is useful," said Lt. Rick Schubert, the Public Information Officer in Bonner Springs.

In the next few days, the agencies will get together to review Wednesday's incident to see what they did right, and what they can improve for the future. 


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