Army veteran delivers baby in parking lot

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An Independence couple's rush to the hospital to have a baby ended with them alone in the parking lot, until an Army veteran showed up to help.

Diana and James Price headed to Research Medical Center about 8:20 Saturday morning, but when they arrived at the hospital's entrance, the doctors and nurses were waiting in the emergency area.

James ran into the hospital for help as Diane went into labor.

"I was scared, I just kept screaming," Diane James shared.

Thankfully, C.D. Donovan visits his wife at the hospital every morning. The former Army medic heard Diana screaming in the van and went to help. In a matter of minutes, he delivered Diana's baby girl in the van and walked away.

Saturday afternoon, as the couple was trying to find Donovan, he was trying to find him.

"Honestly I thought you were in a car accident and you were hurt from a car accident. That's what I thought walking up. And then I saw the trouble you were in," Donovan shared,

Diana gave birth to eight pound Reagan Ansley May Price.

She's in the NICU, but breathing on her own and is expected to go home to meet her two big brothers soon.

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