Family mourns woman, 2-year-old girl killed in arson fire at KCK apartment

Person of interest in custody

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Amiyah McClenton's life was taken from her at just 2 years old after someone intentionally set fire to her mother's apartment.

Prosecutors said they have one person of interest in custody from the fire early Saturday morning at an apartment complex in Kansas City, Kan.

Her aunt, Norenda Kearney, said the family has spent two days in tears and shock, and are now waiting for prosecutors to press charges.

Kearney said Amiyah's other aunt, 34-year-old Brandi Johnson, was watching the child when the fire started. Amiyah's father was supposed to pick her up later that day to take her to a birthday party.

Fire officials said when they arrived, Johnson was dead and McClenton was suffering from critical injuries, including smoke inhalation and burns. McClenton later died at a hospital.

Tears streaming down her face, Kearney said Amiyah's parents have been busy trying to plan their child's funeral.

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