At least 60 cats seized from apartments in the Northland

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - At least 60 cats were seized from a pair of apartments in the Northland and will require medical treatment.

Animal Control officer have had to set traps to capture another dozen or so cats remaining. The conditions inside the garage was deplorable, with the scent of urine and feces being overwhelming, according to witnesses.

"We just went in, pulled the cats out and gout out as fast we could because the smell was that bad," said animal control worker Eron Dawkins.

The smell was overpowering.

"You could smell if you walk on the sidewalk by the house," said Gabby Glossip. "It was terrible. It was like you'd have to plug your nose."

Investigators were tipped to the hoarding case and have enlisted the help of the KC Pet Project, according to a news release.

Many of the cats and kittens are sick and will require extensive medical treatment. There are several pregnant cats and bottle baby kittens that will require foster homes. Some of the cats and kittens are social and will be available for adoption at a later date, while others will only be eligible for adoption in outdoor or barn homes.

In addition to the cats taken today, the KC Pet Project has received nearly 80 cats in the previous weeks, putting a strain on its resources, according to the release.

"We need our community's emergency help now more than ever to help us provide medications, healthy food, and daily care, as well as adoptive and foster homes for all of these cats and kittens from our community," said Teresa Johnson, CEO/Executive Director of KC Pet Project in the release.

The KC Pet Project is seeking donations for the care of the felines, asking for either monetary gifts or gift cards from pet supply stories. Donations can be made online or dropped off at one of the group's three facilities

Editor's Note: A previous report mentioned more than 100 cats were taken from the home. New reports have stated the number of cats taken is more in the 60-65 range. This story has been changed to correct the previously reported info.

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