At Snow Creek, there's no business like snow business

WESTON, Mo. - Clear blue skies and several inches of fresh snow made for great skiing conditions Sunday at Snow Creek in Weston, Missouri.

Meteorologist Jeff Penner says parts of Missouri and Kansas can expect anywhere from eight to 15 more inches of snow on Monday into Tuesday.

Snow Creek owner Dave Grenier said the snow is great for his business.

"This season has really turned out to be special with this late season snow that is coming our way," Greinier said. "We just had a storm that dumped about 10 - 15 inches in the Metro area. Now it looks like we're in line for another one. Everyone is excited."

This has been a big weekend at snow creek. About 3,000 people showed up to ski on Saturday.

"It's great for the bottom line. We've got a staff that is working hard to recover and regroup and enjoy another surge of visitors again today," said Grenier.

There are more than 60 snowmaking machines at Snow Creek. They can make 12 inches of machine-made snow in a 24 hour period. Grenier said the natural snow adds to the snow creek experience and creates great skiing conditions.

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