Baby Lisa's parents talk about newly released age-progressed photo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Lisa Irwin's mother broke down the first time she saw the picture of what her child might look like now, according to the child's father, Jeremy Irwin.

He said he has been able to stay calm even though their daughter has been missing for two years as of Friday.
Wednesday afternoon, the parents rushed to get fliers ready with an age-progressed picture of Lisa for a vigil they plan to hold Saturday night.

Jeremy Irwin said The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children made the picture using not only pictures of Lisa, but also childhood pictures of Deborah and Jeremy.

"I always knew she would have a red tint to her hair," Deborah said as she smiled.

The child's signature bright blue eyes are still a major feature.

The composite may seem older than a 3-year-old child. That, according to Jeremy, is because the picture is made to last a few years. Bradley added that Lisa was in the 95th percentile and large for her age at the time she disappeared on Oct. 3, 2011.

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