Billy Butler's BBQ sauce flying off shelves, helping feed the hungry

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A special barbecue sauce being called the "rally sauce" for the Royals is growing in popularity and helping to raise money for those in need at the same time.

Local grocery stores are even struggling to keep Billy's Hit-It-A-Ton barbecue sauce on the shelves. It was created by Royals hitter Billy Butler.

The boys in blue have been snapping photos of themselves with bottles of the sauce while playing.

It's being called the team's good luck charm because it was in the dugout the first night the squad put the brakes on an 11-game losing streak.

"I've never seen anything like this," said Terry Hyer, owner of Zarda Bar-B-Q in Blue Springs, who partnered with Butler to create the sauce.

Hyer said they thought it was going to be a short-term thing until the demand exploded.

"We've had orders from everywhere. Royals fans who are in Connecticut, New York, Arizona," Hyer explained.

But the real game-winning play about the sauce is that all of the proceeds go toward a great cause - to feed the hungry through the Bishop Sullivan Center.

The center provides a ton of food a day to those in need. It also has services to help the less fortunate find jobs, and feeds approximately 300 people a night with the help of volunteers, according to Mike Mathews with the center.

And the money from the sauce is helping keep the doors open.

"It makes me laugh, because I love this place and anything we can do to keep it going and to keep feeding people, providing their daily meals is what I want to do," Mathews said.

Hyer said that Billy and Katie Butler are in the process of designing a new T-shirt that should be available next week to also raise money for the Bishop Sullivan Center.

The plan is to sell the sauce as long as possible.

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